TYPA centre (formerly The Estonian Print and Paper Museum) readily welcomes visitors from abroad and provides tours and workshops also in English. Other languages (Russian,  might be available by request.



We are open for visiting Wed – Sun 12:00 – 18:00. Other times possible by request, see contacts at the bottom of the page.

Tickets: € 8 adults / € 4 children, students & seniors. Ticket price includes a guided tour of ca 60 minutes. During the tour we talk of the history of printing and paper making, but also include a few demonstrations. “Do it yourself” workshops can be arranged for an extra fee.

We are located next to the Aparaaditehas culture factory. There are several restaurants available nearby. See map at the bottom of the page.


The best way to experience our activities is in our workshops. Some of the most popular workshops are:

  • Make your own notebook: print a cover design using a 150 year old handpress and a selection of hand cut illustrations & woodblock letters. Bind the notebook by stitching the pages and cover together and you have a practical result (you get a real notebook/sketchbook). Duration: from 10 minutes to half an hour, depending on the complexity of your design choices. Price: 5€ children, 7,50€ adults.
  • Hand made paper: create several sheets of paper out of recycled paper pulp, include decorations as desired, press the sheets and take them home with you for postcards or other uses. Duration: approx. 1 hour. Price: 6€ children, 8€ adults. NB! Minimum price 26€.
  • Linocut: cut your own design out of a piece of linoleum and print the result in one of the most common classic printmaking techniques. Not suitable for pre-school children (sharp blades). Duration: approx. 1 hour. Price: 10€ children, 15€ adults. NB! Minimum price 26€.


About TYPA

TYPA is a private museum-studio and the only print-related heritage institution in the whole region. We strive to keep the machines in our collection running and pass on the skills & know-how of traditional letterpress printing, binding and other related activities.

In TYPA you will find historic machinery on permanent display, a gallery with temporary exhibitions, a selection of hand made designer notebooks and sketchbooks for sale, a curious book nook, an occasional visiting artist working in the studio and host of young enthusiastc employees & volunteers. Well worth the visit we think (and others agree: see our reviews on TripAdvisor).